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  • Sk√≥gafoss

    Iceland Family Vacation: An Eye-Opening Ice Hiking Adventure

    There is so much to write about our recent Iceland family vacation. So many stories to write, things to review and ideas to share. Amidst the overwhelming bevy of thoughts and ideas, let me start with the day we hired a private guide through Ice Pic Journeys to go hiking on a glacier. Glaciers & […]

  • The Wheel of Time - 2

    The Wheel of Time

    I’ve finished Book 11 of Wheel of Time. I started these as a teenager and voraciously read each one as they came out. I never got passed this point because Robert Jordan died not long after I started having children. The books are long and dense. I become a terrible parent when I’m enthralled in […]

  • chocolate pecan pie

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Dear Amanda, I know that tomorrow is Canadian Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving – here’s my chocolate pecan pie. I’m sorry you’re not here to have a bite of its ooey-gooey chocolatey-ness. I scrolled back through my photos and the most recent selfie of the two of us in my gallery was Halloween of 2019. It has […]

  • atlanta bathrooms

    Adventures in the Atlanta Airport

    Dear Amanda, The very day that I received my second vaccine dose I booked a trip to visit my sister in Washington DC. I hadn’t seen her, or her baby son, since their road trip down here in December. As close as I am to my sister, it’s just been slaying me that I haven’t […]

  • creamy blistered tomato pasta

    Creamy Blistered Tomato Pasta with Prosciutto and Charred Asparagus

    Where did we come up with this delicious Creamy Blistered Tomato Pasta? In the endless groundhog days of cooking for a family of 5, I found myself uninspired and turned to Home Chef, a meal kit subscription service. One of the meals we wanted to try, but didn’t get the chance to became the inspiration […]

  • raspberry pavlova

    Suddenly It’s May

    Dear Amanda, How did it suddenly turn into May? Tomorrow Gavin turns 15. I can’t believe he’s going to start learning to drive already! May the 4th be with us all as he gets behind the driver’s wheel. He’s grown several inches since you last saw him. I guess that’s the nature of teenage boys. […]

  • working from home

    How Am I Staying Busy?

    Dear Amanda, Holy smokes did life dial up to 10. How am I staying busy? I dunno I might be slowly losing my mind. I went back to work and am now working from home. My cat is stalking me. He looks cute in this photo. He’s lying. I know, I know. He looks super […]

  • easy tomato bisque

    Easy Tomato Bisque with Fresh Tomatoes

    What better way to use up some fresh summer tomatoes than with an easy tomato bisque? Classic tomato soup is always such a great comfort food, but it really doesn’t take much more effort to elevate it to a rich, decadent tomato bisque. Since it’s such a huge hit with my kids, I went on […]

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