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  • Top Puerto Rico Foods We Didn't Get to Eat - 2

    Top Puerto Rico Foods We Didn’t Get to Eat

    We’re home from our latest family journey – Puerto Rico. Since we’re now in this wonderful phase of virtual/home schooling, I asked my sons to write up a 5 paragraph essay. I gave them free reign, only requesting that the essay be in some way inspired by our trip to Puerto Rico. While the Middle […]

  • Travel Hacks for Kids

    My Top 7 Travel Hacks for Kids

    I love to travel with my kids. I’ve also learned many of these travel hacks for kids the hard way – through trial and error. Some of these tips and tricks may seem simple or like no-brainers. Others may be mind blowing genius hacks. I guess it all really depends on if this is your […]

  • Must Haves When Traveling

    Must Haves When Traveling – My Fave 5

    We all have our favorite items that we love to take along with us when we travel. What are your favorite must haves when traveling? Personally, I like to travel as light as possible. Traveling light means that I travel without all the bells and whistles that many travel blogs say they just can’t live […]

  • Ravine Vineyard Wine Tasting - 41

    Ravine Vineyard Wine Tasting

    In 2013, my husband and I took our honeymoon out at Niagara-on-the-Lake. We both love food, wine and traveling to new places. Since we live in Florida and had 2 small boys at home, Niagara-on-the-Lake was closer than the haul out to Napa and produced some surprisingly good wines. All in all, it was a […]

  • Fairbanks Ice Festival - 46

    Fairbanks Ice Festival

    Fairbanks Ice Festival A Journey of Floridians to Alaska The kindness of strangers can sometimes simply make your day. One of the best things about staying in the Alaska Heritage House bed and breakfast is that you have other guests at breakfast. We lingered over breakfast with a couple of the other guests, there were […]