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  • Dear Stephanie... I got a Kitten! - 1

    Dear Stephanie… I got a Kitten!

    Dear Stephanie…. Today I got a kitten. Here is the new cat. Who’s name has not yet been picked. Holy crow you forget when you get a kitten exactly how much trouble a kitten is. You also forget how within minutes of them becoming your forever friend you love them to pieces. That is always […]

  • The Wheel of Time - 7

    The Wheel of Time

    I’ve finished Book 11 of Wheel of Time. I started these as a teenager and voraciously read each one as they came out. I never got passed this point because Robert Jordan died not long after I started having children. The books are long and dense. I become a terrible parent when I’m enthralled in […]

  • Top Homeschool Projects

    Top Homeschool Projects: My Fun Favorites

    It’s 2020. Everyone is doing a lot of staying at home and our kids are driving us insane. And here it is, we’ve decided to go for homeschooling. After 4 months of staying at home, here are my top 10 fun elementary aged homeschool projects. These projects are great home learning activities that you can […]

  • DIY Hydroponics As A Hobby At Home - 43

    DIY Hydroponics As A Hobby At Home

    I’ve thought about growing vegetables in my home for awhile now, but probably like many of you, I live in a high rise condo and we don’t exactly get a lot of floor space or outdoor gardening options. I had heard of hydroponics, but I didn’t really know much about it. Because much of the […]

  • Prepare for COVID-19

    How to Prepare for COVID-19

    Like it or not, the novel coronavirus aka COVID-19 is here. They’re all saying it – we’re very likely to wind up with some sort of quarantine. I do not look forward to being stuck inside my house for 14 days with all the kiddos at home. On top of that, I do NOT want […]

  • My Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets for Daily Use

    I cook almost every day. Yup. All the time. These are my top 10 kitchen gadgets for daily use (and a few odds and ends to go with them). I could survive as a cook without them, but no one would enjoy the results. They’re my must haves and the items I miss the most […]

  • Must Haves When Traveling

    Must Haves When Traveling – My Fave 5

    We all have our favorite items that we love to take along with us when we travel. What are your favorite must haves when traveling? Personally, I like to travel as light as possible. Traveling light means that I travel without all the bells and whistles that many travel blogs say they just can’t live […]

  • Ultimate Amazon Prime Last Minute Gift Guide - 108

    Ultimate Amazon Prime Last Minute Gift Guide

    With the Holidays very quickly approaching, I wanted to help out all you last minute shoppers with an Amazon Prime Holiday Geek Gift Guide. Yes, you might have left things to the last minute again, but there is no need to go the route of lifeless limp gift cards. I have your back. All these geeky items […]