Dear Jon… This is what happened while you were gone.

A week of adventures in the life of wandering in captivity….

So a little bit different this week… Both Stephanie and Amanda are together.. but Jon is adventuring.

In typical style, the week descends into full chaos….

A Trip to Urgent Care

Dear Jon... This is what happened while you were gone. - 1

It all started with urgent care with of all things, an infected hangnail. This is the eye roll moment. We are at urgent care for.. a chewed-on piece of skin hangnail.

We couldn’t do this before you left Jon? No. We had to wait until this exact vulnerable moment when Mom was alone. Yup.

So off we went to the Urgent care, A Canadian and An American experiencing medical care. As the finger was lanced, Amanda ordered sushi. After 2 years of no sushi, no amount of blood was going to stop Amanda from enjoying the tasty fishy goodness. It was a long night.

Something Goes Beep In the Night

Dear Jon... This is what happened while you were gone. - 3


The next day… What were we watching on TV? Does it matter? No. But that is when the beeping started. Was it a part of the TV show? A quick pause confirmed it was coming from upstairs.

A UPS battery backup was announcing to the world, it was running out of life.

As Stephanie explained to Kid1 the need to troubleshoot the beeping, he kept claiming he understood and all was fine. As Kid1 condescendingly tried to shh Stephanie, Kid2 ironically and obliviously enquired “Why was it beeping?”

After a few visits to the garage with the kids, not able to figure it out, Stephanie bravely went to the breaker box to investigate. Kid1 requested to call you, Jon, for he was getting concerned and the computers had died. Stephanie, without pause, knew exactly what to do. “I’ve got this” and flipped the correct breaker. The computer resumed, and the kids were not seen again that night. No thank yous heard.

Lavender DaquriesDear Jon... This is what happened while you were gone. - 5


Lavender Daquries… Oh, you sweet purple nectar.

What started on the last cruise, the Lavender Daquries was a must during the random chaos of this week. They are a tasty drink that sips really easily. Will be sure to add a recipe to the blog.

Amanda wanted to make Tteok-bokki. So she did. It was not everything she wanted it to be, and it ended up in the garbage disposal. What a mishap that turned out to be.

A few days later, Stephanie notice that the sink was not draining. Low and behold, the rice cakes lived. They have congealed into a globby blob around the edge of the drain.  Jon, this job is normally yours, but as you are gallivanting in Spain, Stephanie bravely stuck her hand in the depths. There are no words for it beyond squish. It was a semi liquid, mostly jelly mass that had to be plucked from the edges.

All in all, we all survived, It was just another typical week of adventures.



Stephanie and Amanda




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