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  • Dear Stephanie... I got a Kitten! - 1

    Dear Stephanie… I got a Kitten!

    Dear Stephanie…. Today I got a kitten. Here is the new cat. Who’s name has not yet been picked. Holy crow you forget when you get a kitten exactly how much trouble a kitten is. You also forget how within minutes of them becoming your forever friend you love them to pieces. That is always […]

  • Dear Jon... This is what happened while you were gone. - 7

    Dear Jon… This is what happened while you were gone.

    So a little bit different this week… Both Stephanie and Amanda are together.. but Jon is adventuring. In typical style, the week descends into full chaos…. A Trip to Urgent Care It all started with urgent care with of all things, an infected hangnail. This is the eye roll moment. We are at urgent care […]

  • French Canadian Split Pea Soup Instant Pot - 15

    French Canadian Split Pea Soup Instant Pot

    French Canadian Split pea Soup Is an absolutely amazing winter (or any time) soup. It has a hearty taste to it that will really stick to your ribs and keep you warm and full in those hard winter climates. It is also super delicious. I usually make this soup after I make a Canadian Pork […]

  • Canadian Fall

    Every day is the same…

    How many people feel like this currently? Every day is the same. The pandemic is currently “better” in Ontario, Canada but it still is here. Every day on the news it continues and every day tells us it might be back with a vengeance tomorrow. So each day I go through the motions. I try […]

  • Travel again soon. SOON! - 26

    Travel again soon. SOON!

    Man…things have been so crazy lately. There is a never-ending sea of crisis. I’ve even been to the hospital a few times. But finally, the Canadian and American border is opening! You still can’t really travel to the states but unless it’s “important” yet, but it is getting there. We also can finally eat inside […]

  • How to Cook Canadian Pork Cottage Roll in an Instant Pot - 28

    How to Cook Canadian Pork Cottage Roll in an Instant Pot

    Just what the heck is a Canadian Pork Cottage Roll? Sometimes there is food in Canada, that America and the rest of the world have never heard of. It honestly doesn’t happen too often,(I see you butter tarts and poutine) but the Pickled Cottage Roll is one of those uniquely Canadian Items. What is a […]

  • It's April... Spring Again... And we Continue... - 36

    It’s April… Spring Again… And we Continue…

    Dear Stephanie, It’s been a while. Things seem never-ending during the pandemic that never ends. Currently, Canada is not vaccinating people anywhere near my age, so we continue with another lock-down and stay-at-home order. People are burnt out and tired of it all. I have never been this long without traveling and seeing other people […]

  • So how are you keeping busy? - 40

    So how are you keeping busy?

    Dear Stephanie… It is that time of year once again. It is starting to get cold in Canada and this is generally the time I would be getting ready to head south or elsewhere where the leaves never leave the trees. I really don’t like Canadian winters. With the world being as crazy as it […]

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