Dear Stephanie… I got a Kitten!


Dear Stephanie….

Today I got a kitten.

Here is the new cat. Who’s name has not yet been picked.

Dear Stephanie... I got a Kitten! - 1

Holy crow you forget when you get a kitten exactly how much trouble a kitten is. You also forget how within minutes of them becoming your forever friend you love them to pieces.

That is always something I find so fascinating. When you get a new pet, you immediately just love them. There is no delay like when you start dating someone new.

Day 1. They are loved.

Perhaps it is because they are so innocent that it removes the defense mechanism humans have for other humans. Just interesting midnight thoughts as I sit here at 3 am with a wide-awake kitten running around my bedroom attacking absolutely everything.

Dear Stephanie... I got a Kitten! - 3


I plan on making this kitten able to travel a bit. They have these crazy cat backpacks that allow you to carry the cat around. Based on the previous cats I have had, I am not sure how this will go, but I’m going to give it a try. Currently, this little kitten is a wild bundle of fearless energy, so I don’t see her have ing any problems enjoying backpack rides at all. Hopefully, it works!

Maybe I will make a separate post that just talks about training your cat in this area. There are lots of stories of cats totally loving the travel lifestyle like dogs!

Anyway… How are things with you and the family? How is work going?



The girl who may never get a full night’s sleep again


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