Every day is the same…

but we survive….

How many people feel like this currently? Every day is the same. The pandemic is currently “better” in Ontario, Canada but it still is here. Every day on the news it continues and every day tells us it might be back with a vengeance tomorrow.

So each day I go through the motions.

I try and be easy on myself and those around me and understand that not everything is going to be easy right now. Take an extra-long bath. Play a few more video games than normal. Eat that extra piece of chocolate.

It is ok because we are all just doing what we can.

Every day is the same... - 1

How are you? This has been the longest I’ve been without seeing you and your family since we have met. I’m so used to random phone calls and meet up in random places.

It is currently the end of summer here and the leaves are starting to change. Most people love fall in Canada but I just see it as a time before the big freeze of Winter is coming. It is time to get ready to leave Canada for warmer locations. A few more weeks and I would normally be packing my bag and getting ready to head down. It is extra strange and weird to not be getting ready to visit Florida.

Oh, the fun we had and things we use to do. THE FOOD WE WOULD EAT. WE really should do a post of all the things we have eaten. Such good food. I am truly overall this waiting and doing nothing. It has been far far too long!

Instead, I continue to wait in Canada. Wait for the day we can return to a ‘normal’. Return to the life I choose where traveling is all I do.

I imagine things are rather different where you are though. Full house with kids. Miss you all. Stay safe.



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