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  • How to Make London Broil with Sautéed Onions

    London Broil has become a weeknight staple in our house. London broil is typically a flank steak that is seared, served rare and then thinly cut against the grain. Since my low-weight, picky Middle will eat multiple servings, we’ve made it a point to learn how to make London broil at home. Frequently London broil […]

  • How To Make Shrimp Curry – Weeknight Recipe

    Curry is one of those flavors that turned out to be a surprise hit in our household. The Middle is notoriously picky, but he LOVES Indian curry. But, this got me thinking on how to make shrimp curry – especially one that he would love. Mixing your own curry blend gives you complete control over […]

  • Dear Amanda: My House is Empty

    My Dear Amanda, Mmmm, chicken skewers. Guess what? Everyone is gone tonight and I am ALL ALONE!!!! I started off my solo night with a viewing of Les Miserables. Holy cow did “I Dreamed a Dream” hit me upside the head. Seriously, I cried ugly, snot-dripping tears. If that wasn’t enough, I’m now knee deep […]

  • Dear Stephanie, It is time for Airport naps

    Dear Stephanie, I am attempting to fly to Vegas and CES, I have been at the airport since 4 am. It in now 11am and I am still not on a flight yet. The joys of living a stand-by flying lifestyle. I have white fluffy things all over me for some reason.  Somehow the florescent […]

  • Must Haves When Traveling

    Must Haves When Traveling – My Fave 5

    We all have our favorite items that we love to take along with us when we travel. What are your favorite must haves when traveling? Personally, I like to travel as light as possible. Traveling light means that I travel without all the bells and whistles that many travel blogs say they just can’t live […]

  • Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

    It All Started on a Cruise in Europe… Bread pudding with rum sauce all started when I was 12 and my family went on a European cruise. It was late September, and school had already started. It was fabulous, because my sister and I were the only 2 kids on the entire ship. The entire […]

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