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  • My Top 10 Kitchen Gadgets for Daily Use

    I cook almost every day. Yup. All the time. These are my top 10 kitchen gadgets for daily use (and a few odds and ends to go with them). I could survive as a cook without them, but no one would enjoy the results. They’re my must haves and the items I miss the most […]

  • Dear Amanda - 30

    Dear Amanda

    Dear Amanda, I woke up to the news that the airline taking our family to Italy next month abruptly stopped operation. Our flights are *poof* gone. New flights are waaaay outside the budget. Airline says they’re going to refund our money…..but who knows? I’m so, so, so thankful we bought travel insurance. While they won’t buy […]

  • Flight time.... - 34

    Flight time….

      Dear Stephanie, Once again…. I made the flight. I fly stand by and that means I never know when I’m getting on a flight. I always have to do this juggle of time, loads, days. I never know if I’m getting on the flight to just moments before. It means I get middle rows. […]

  • Mimosa Brunch

    Dear Amanda – It Was a Mimosa Morning

    Dear Amanda, I’m sorry you’re still sick. If you were here, I’d make you some homemade chicken noodle soup. Today was our monthly neighborhood mimosa morning. On days like today I love my stay-at-home, suburban lifestyle. It was a gorgeous, sunny 78 F today. You’d have loved it. I hope you make it back to […]

  • Travel Hacks for Kids

    My Top 7 Travel Hacks for Kids

    I love to travel with my kids. I’ve also learned many of these travel hacks for kids the hard way – through trial and error. Some of these tips and tricks may seem simple or like no-brainers. Others may be mind blowing genius hacks. I guess it all really depends on if this is your […]

  • Dear Stephanie.. I'm still Sick... - 59

    Dear Stephanie.. I’m still Sick…

      I’ve noticed that at about the 4 months of non-stop travel mark.. I get sick. Very sick. Sick that comes and just stays. I am currently going on week 2+ of a flu that has lived and evolved in my lungs to a level that should not happen. Stay away. I am tired. I […]

  • How to Make Instant Pot Butter Chicken - 63

    How to Make Instant Pot Butter Chicken

      Yup, this is an Instant Pot recipe. I’m not an Instant Pot fanatic, but I do find that it’s a helpful tool in my arsenal. For Instant Pot Butter Chicken, it’s near perfect. And so, I’ve quested for how to make butter chicken in the Instant Pot. This recipe has gone through several revisions […]

  • Dear Amanda - It's My Birthday!! - 67

    Dear Amanda – It’s My Birthday!!

    Dear Amanda, It’s my birthday and I have THE BEST neighbors. Yup my neighbor stopped by with this lovely Key Lime Pie cocktail that she made. She actually took the time to froth up some milk to create the creamy layer. Wish you were here to enjoy Tanya’s concoctions. She’s just the best bartender (and […]

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