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  • Dear Stephanie.. I’m still Sick…

      I’ve noticed that at about the 4 months of non-stop travel mark.. I get sick. Very sick. Sick that comes and just stays. I am currently going on week 2+ of a flu that has lived and evolved in my lungs to a level that should not happen. Stay away. I am tired. I […]

  • How to Make Instant Pot Butter Chicken

      Yup, this is an Instant Pot recipe. I’m not an Instant Pot fanatic, but I do find that it’s a helpful tool in my arsenal. For Instant Pot Butter Chicken, it’s near perfect. And so, I’ve quested for how to make butter chicken in the Instant Pot. This recipe has gone through several revisions […]

  • Dear Amanda – It’s My Birthday!!

    Dear Amanda, It’s my birthday and I have THE BEST neighbors. Yup my neighbor stopped by with this lovely Key Lime Pie cocktail that she made. She actually took the time to froth up some milk to create the creamy layer. Wish you were here to enjoy Tanya’s concoctions. She’s just the best bartender (and […]

  • Weekly Meal Plan

    Weekly Meal Plan: 13 January 2020

    Weekly Meal Plan: The Goals Welcome to January. We’re all in that post-holiday fluffy, glazed-eyes state. It’s time to give myself, and my family, a swift kick in the pants. We need some food goals. Time to setup the weekly meal plan. For the adults: clean up the carb-filled, boozy crap we’ve been consuming. My […]

  • How to Make London Broil with Sautéed Onions

    London Broil has become a weeknight staple in our house. London broil is typically a flank steak that is seared, served rare and then thinly cut against the grain. Since my low-weight, picky Middle will eat multiple servings, we’ve made it a point to learn how to make London broil at home. Frequently London broil […]

  • How To Make Shrimp Curry – Weeknight Recipe

    Curry is one of those flavors that turned out to be a surprise hit in our household. The Middle is notoriously picky, but he LOVES Indian curry. But, this got me thinking on how to make shrimp curry – especially one that he would love. Mixing your own curry blend gives you complete control over […]

  • Dear Amanda: My House is Empty

    My Dear Amanda, Mmmm, chicken skewers. Guess what? Everyone is gone tonight and I am ALL ALONE!!!! I started off my solo night with a viewing of Les Miserables. Holy cow did “I Dreamed a Dream” hit me upside the head. Seriously, I cried ugly, snot-dripping tears. If that wasn’t enough, I’m now knee deep […]

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