So how are you keeping busy?

These are some of the things I have been up to…

Dear Stephanie…

It is that time of year once again.


It is starting to get cold in Canada and this is generally the time I would be getting ready to head south or elsewhere where the leaves never leave the trees. I really don’t like Canadian winters. With the world being as crazy as it is this will be one of the first winter I have spent the entire time in Canada. Maybe I should pick a hobby like snowboarding. 😆  How are things with you? How are you dealing with the whole family in the house all the time? I am sure it is different than me who is not seeing people for weeks at a time. Sometimes I am ok with that, but sometime I do miss the ability to meet up with some friends at a local pub.

I have reached a level of cooking mastery during this pandemic. I have tried cooking all kinds of things that I normally wouldn’t. I am reaching to even farther recipes. So far because I have the extra time I would say that the results have turned out pretty good. What things have you been cooking lately? We should do a post that talks about all the things we have eaten in amazing places before this happened. Memories….

I have also taken up a hobby of painting (By number, hey you have to start somehwere). It’s pretty fun and relaxing. I find that you need to break from the work at home, stay at home, be at home life and picking up some new hobbies is a good way to pass the time. How is the wall painting coming?

I’ve also been playing a ridiculous amount of XBOX game pass which is a pretty good deal. You play a flat monthly rate and get hundreds of games you can play on xbox, PC or mobile for less than 1 used video game per month. This also helps because playing the same game over and over also gets rather boring these days. I am amused with my online video game friends. It is almost like a pub. Almost.

I hope you and the family are good. What are you doing to stay sane these days?


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