It’s April… Spring Again… And we Continue…

Dear Stephanie,

It’s been a while. Things seem never-ending during the pandemic that never ends. Currently, Canada is not vaccinating people anywhere near my age, so we continue with another lock-down and stay-at-home order. People are burnt out and tired of it all.

I have never been this long without traveling and seeing other people regularly in my life.

It's April... Spring Again... And we Continue... - 1

You do really realize the people and things that are important to you when you go through something like this. It’s interesting how even though “the whole world is in this together”, different parts of the world are dealing with it differently.

These days I continue to work way too much. All the millions of things that you never have time for, I’ve found the time for. ­čÖé I also continue to try cooking various new foods. I’ve also been focusing on playing VR and weight loss. It’s actually working and I’ve lost and kept off quite a bit of weight.

How is everyone doing down there? I can’t imagine being stuck in the house for an entire year with all those people and pets! I am sure it is very different from the quietness here in Canada.

I hope we can return to traveling and semi-normal life soon.

Be well.



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