Dear Stephanie… There are two types of people in Quarantine …

This is us


Never before have a seen an image that is more you and me. ?

Imiss you guys. I miss travel. I miss the old life ….But my cooking skills have improved dramatically ?

Almost every day I’m cooking something new. Breads, soups, meats, smokers, different world cuisines. I’ve tried making keifer this week. I’m in liking it. Probably will make a seperate post just for that… never ending recipes to search for and try out.

My hydroponics have grown and there is a never ending supply of kale and lettuce.  Other vegetables to come still, I hope. I think I’m going to have to start making kale chips. Kale is a never ending weed!

There is so much chaos currently in the world. The stress is overwhelming at times and I look for escape in food. Stay well. I worry about you guys in Florida.


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