My Cooking Profile

Find out what kinds of things I like to cook…

A little about me, and who I, Stephanie, am as a cook.

What Kind of Things Do I Cook?

I love to eat. I love to cook. I love to feed people. I love to explore new flavors. You could save that food is my ultimate [easyazon_link identifier=”080241270X” locale=”US” tag=”wacs0e-20″]love language[/easyazon_link]. Hey, I know that food isn’t technically a love language but you catch my drift.

I’m easily bored with repetition and so I am constantly changing up what I do, how I cook foods and looking for new flavors. I severely dislike most chicken dishes leftover. To top that off, I have 3 kids of varying ages and pickiness levels. I cook one meal for the entire family and I go to great lengths to make a meal that all 5 of us will enjoy.


The Family Profile Breakdown

My Cooking Profile - 1The Middle is picky and will happily skip a meal if he isn’t satisfied with the night’s offerings. He’s also a super taster and can quickly identify minute changes to Tried and True recipes. He won’t eat leftovers or seafood. He’s also a carbaholic.

CarbaholicThe Toddler is a total Tyrant. Yes, she’s a tyrant with a capital “T”. She currently exists on rice, milk, peanut butter and fruit (sometimes). Like the Middle, she’s a carbaholic.

My Eldest is a dream. He voraciously eats almost anything and provides effusive compliments.

My Husband is also a dream. He cooks. He eats leftovers. He loves anything I make. He also loves to explore new foods and cooking techniques. The Husband handles cheesemaking and anything requiring dough (bread, pizza, pasta).

Final Thoughts on what I like to Cook

I really prefer to start with whole, fresh ingredients. For the most part, we try to avoid processed foods. As such, many of my recipes will be naturally lower carb and gluten-free. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a few decadent wheaty-sugary treats up my sleeve! Stay tune

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